Monthly Archives: April 2008

Reciprocating Saw Repair

While cutting out sheet metal to repair a portion of the rusted floor on our old Dodge Caravan, I ran my cordless reciprocating saw at a bit too high of a duty cycle.  The plastic in the drive motor melted.  Luckly, everything else in the saw (gear box and switch?) were well built, high quality parts. The motor was standard, and a trip to Princess Auto found an easy replacement.


saw3 saw2 saw1

CA1010 Backlight Repair

ca1010-1When I got my Yamaha CA-1010 Amplifier, it worked quite well with the exception that most of the backlight did not work.  I promptly tore it down, checked the power consumption of a working bulb, and replaced the bulbs with LEDs with current limiting resistors.  Also, while inside, Ica1010-2 sprayed the controls with contact cleaner (isopropanol based) and followed with silicon lube to stave off oxidization.