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Key Analysis Progress

fteethHaving worked on digital filtering using MATLAB, I’m fairly comfortable with it. I had not used the Image Processing toolbox – but, it is easily learned.

The images shown here steps along the process of extracting the teeth from the image for manipulation. I will fill in the theory here soon.

Key Analysis

sectionedAfter looking at the number of keys I had on my keyring for the same building, and making some quick comparisons, I started thinking about the possibility of generating a master key from the quite freely distributed zone keys, for academic reasons alone. This would be an interesting lesson in image processing.





The General Idea:

  • Scan each key in colour/grayscale
  • Automatically convert image into a 1-bit profile of the key
  • Automatically Rotate image so that all keys are in the same orientation
  • Automatically section the key to isolate the teeth
  • Find the central location on each tooth from key sets (all local max/min)
  • Define Integer values for all tooth-height possibilities
  • Define each key as a set of these integer values
  • Compare similarities and differences
  • Option to precategorize with key zone