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81 Yamaha XS400 – Stripping the Tank Paint

The weather warmed up a bit today, was about -3°C, and I was able to dig out the garage door, and spend some time getting my gas tank ready for painting. I’m not an autobody guy, but, this still shouldn’t be too hard. I first removed the fuel petcock and the gas filler cap from the tank – I blew air through the tank with a vacuum on reverse to remove vapours.

Started off with an abrasive wheel mated with my drill – worked really well to remove the soft top layer of non-factory paint (and worked well on the factory paint). I decided to go down to primer level, and start with a couple new coats of primer and go up. Unlike a wire wheel, this abrasive wheel didn’t seem to heat the metal – good, because that heat could lead to deformations.

Started sanding with 200 grit after that, and will work up from there. I have to do the finer stuff wet, so, that’s left for another day (and the bondo will come first)


badge1 tank1 tank2 tank3